DSC_0310Hey, it’s Zlatina!

25 years ago my mother took me to my first ever ballet class in Sofia, Bulgaria. A few years later I had to decide whether I want to continue professionally with dancing. Instead, I chose Mathematics. Ever since then my life has been a fine blend of paradoxes – science vs art, East vs West, technology vs humanities, learning vs creation, chaos vs order, commitment vs flexibility, structure vs emergence, theory vs practice, purpose vs process, logic vs emotion, sustainability vs development. There are stories behind those paradoxes and you can read about them in my blog. Meanwhile, this is what I do:

I help growing organisations to align their learning, innovation, and communication processes with their purpose. I create spaces for your team to learn, innovate, self-organise, and collaborate with your local community and all of your stakeholders, in order to bring more value to the business as well as the society at large.

In the last ten years I have been practicing methodologies like participatory leadership, experiential learning, design thinking, empathy, and coaching to design strategic processes and learning initiatives that  build the leadership and co-creation capacity of various teams and organisations. I host spaces for meaningful conversations, new insights, better connections, and collaboration with your colleagues, community, and partners to move your purpose forward.

I believe that stories have the power to create connections, meaning, depth and understanding. For me, the essence of every story worth telling boils down to pursuing a purpose and taking action. My story connects dancing, language, solving mysteries, inner journeys, outer adventures, curiosity, powerful connections, and passion for life.

I host a community of creators who wish to build the organisations of the 21st century and in this community we will learn together how to develop them in a way that reflects the mindsets and needs of our current society. We are building from the perspective of business ecosystems and organisations with evolutionary purpose.

To contact me, drop me a line at zlatina@invigoratingtales.org

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