Work with me

Innovation, learning, and transformation happen in spaciousness and they start from a place of uncertainty.

I will help you learn to navigate the space between the present of your business and its potential future. If you want to develop your organisation in a conscious, innovative, and sustainable way, I can support your growth as a leader and entrepreneur. Not knowing is part of the deal when you initiate something new. And the more you grow, the less you will know. Getting  comfortable in uncertainty is what will help you to be more innovative and to keep the evolution of your business. What I can offer is the support you need in order to learn quickly.

You will learn to

  • lead, inspire and engage your team in order to make significant progress together, use their talents and keep them happy
  • align organisational processes with  organisational purpose to create greater impact on society
  • find innovative  and profitable solutions to the complex challenges you are facing
  • engage all of your business stakeholders around your purpose
  • build an engaged community of supporters around your organisation

I create spaces for authentic and meaningful conversations, authentic relationships, new thinking, and effective learning. I use methodologies like systemic thinking, design thinking, storytelling, and participatory leadership to tap into the collective intelligence of diverse groups of people and support them in a process of inquiry, discovery and co-creation.