Learning Tales – December 2016

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Here you go, have fun!
To access the links and download a PDF click here
To access the links and download a PDF click here


The end of the year is time to close things up, to appreciate the path you’ve walked and to celebrate! One of the most powerful forces that motivates us to move forward, accomplish more, be more ambitious and productive, inspired, driven, is the force of celebration of our accomplishments and successes. It is priceless to give ourselves the permission to celebrate every once in a while, especially when we have accomplished something big.

But what if we didn’t? What if you feel like you’ve pushed this far and there is so much more to be done? What if it seems like the year has been a failure?

Before we get desperate, we need to learn to give ourselves permission to celebrate even if there is nothing specific to be celebrated (isn’t this the reason we have birthdays and new year’s eve after all – these are holidays that celebrate life – we’re here, we’re alive, let’s drink champagne, have cake and dance the night away solely for that reason!).
The other thing we need to learn is to take a different perspective on the outcomes that turned out to be different from what we were hoping for. This requires the ability to change our perspective and focus from the unfavorable outcome to the elements of it and the process leading to it that were valuable. For example, could we learn something from it, which aspects of it are still valuable, are there secondary outcomes that might be useful how can we use the current state as a starting point to move further.
The topic of appreciation and celebration is too big to cover it in half a page text so I invite you to join me on a journey to learn more about the practices of appreciation, celebration and gratefulness in the month of December. I have put together some resources to explore together and to learn from + some challenges that will allow us to interact and engage with each other throughout the month to share learning, insights and questions we might hold!

Download it, print it, share it with your colleagues and let me know how it goes in the comments below or using #learningtales!

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