Summer Hits vol. 2

This is part of my monthly favourites series in it’s lighter summertime edition. I allowed myself to let go of the monthly selection of inspiring ideas online and I have accumulated them in an intensive summer hits chart instead. From September on, I will be back to the regular updates, for now, enjoy the second out of (at least) four selections of things that brought me joy this season:

Rituals, Language, Love (ok, Sex, actually)

1. Rituals and Routines – some thoughts on the rituals as a tool to bring a little order into the chaos of my life. In the last months I needed to get myself into work – I had my masters thesis to complete, started writing this blog, started writing for Nordic Startup Bits and, seemingly, had no self control at all. I still don’t… but I was able to establish some daily rituals for myself and move forward. Some of those rituals are things like taking a daily walk, meditating, working out every morning, writing for an hour every day. Some of them I manage to be consistent with, some of them I don’t. The point is that I see the value in them already and they help me go through tough processes with less fear, fuzz and procrastination. The inspiration came from this article, perhaps mostly around this quote: “But the true purpose of discipline — for this is the practice at the heart of routine — is to make room for the magical in the mundane. Paradoxically enough, it is an act of liberation rather than submission — routine grants us the stable platform within, from which we can begin not only to tolerate but perhaps even to enjoy the shaky messiness without.”

After I was determined that routines and rituals will help me get back on track I was looking for practical advice to get down with it and this one came to me. It’s a living example of how setting up a daily routine can work and help us progress in our projects.

2. The language you speak changes your view of the world – speaking different languages gives us not only the capacity to communicate in a different way but also to think differently. The article goes around the connection between the way languages are constructed, and meanings of words are given. This connection not only demonstrate the way the language reflects the way of thinking of a certain group of people but also how it shapes it. In other words, as I am writing this blog both in English and Bulgarian, I am reflecting on it from two different perspectives and rethinking it with new eyes and concepts.

If you are fluent both in Bulgarian and English, go ahead and look for differences. Sometimes you could even guess in which language I wrote first. You can also notice the change of way I’m expressing my thoughts from one language to another 😉

3. Ten things you didn’t know about orgasm – Since my entire summer was filled with love, lightness and the feed of my friends on the beach, I though a good old talk on orgasms might get you in a good mood. I’m all about learning new things, here’s ten things to have fun with!

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