Summer Hits 2015 vol. 1

This is part of my monthly favourites series in it’s lighter summertime edition. I allowed myself to let go of the monthly selection of inspiring ideas online and I have accumulated them in an intensive summer hits chart instead. From September on, I will be back to the regular updates, for now, enjoy the first out of (at least) four selections of things that brought me joy this season:

Learning, Light, Life

1. Learning networks and emergent learning – this article describes a vision of “vibrant ecosystem of opportunities” that replaces formal education provided within a single institution according to a single method, with multiple locations, both virtual and physical, that allow learning to emerge anywhere, anytime. The future of learning is described as a co-creation of providers, learners and other stakeholders together. The argument is that innovation, learning, education and business are interconnected and they should work together for social development. The unit of education is no longer school but community and every member of it both contributes and benefits from the research and learning opportunities.

The article provides as an example The Pittsburgh Model and the methods and approach used there for its realisation. I will add here an example from Europe – Art of Hosting in Education in Lithuania is exploring for a third year the interconnectedness between the elements of an education system and is facilitating the strengthening and expanding of those connections. This year the conversation is focused around the question “How can we create and support spaces where people really enjoy learning, working and creating together?”

More in depth article around the topic of emergent learning

2. The Warriors of Light – a beautiful song to all the dreamers, believers and fighters for love and light. A recognition that our power comes from within, and that our biggest battles are with ourselves. An ode to those who are a little crazy, fearless and go beyond their limits for a greater cause.

Here you can see the translation of the lyrics in English, some other languages are also available.

3. The crossroads of Should and Must – words have always been important to me and the difference between should and must is so slight that we tend to ignore it but it can make a whole lot of difference. In the beginning of the summer I was stuck in all the things “I should do” (read – “I feel that I am expected to do and I feel irresistible urge to comply with that”). I was so stuck that I would struggle, push myself through painful procrastination, followed by self-bashing and guilt, because I was not doing what I should have been doing. With the progression of summer and an extremely supportive coaching process (with Equinox Partners) I managed to find peace, let go of the “should” and make space for the “must”. The “must” are the things I cannot not do. The things that I must do to keep living, to express who I am, the things that make me feel fulfilled, even if I am not doing any of the “should”-s. For me, that was dancing, writing and spending quality time with quality people. The change that followed was incredible – I was able to make progress happen naturally, lightly and flowfully, even in the things that were more related to the “should”-s. The article goes in depth into the difference and the deeper meaning and symbolic behind those two words. It also gives practical guidance how to figure out whether the force to do something comes from within or not and what it takes to change the point of pressure from outside in. It also tackles challenges that we’ll face in the process – mostly fears and consistency.

For me it gives me the power to make the choice that says “This is who I am” rather than the one “This is who the world wants me to be” and keep making it every single day.

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