Zlati’s Favorite Things – April

Every month I will share the best articles, videos, channels, podcast, lectures, tools and so on that I’ve encountered during the month. They will be predominantly related to lifelong learning, entrepreneurship and personal development + I will use the opportunity to share some exciting news about things happening in my network. {Inspired by Tijmen!}

Let me know what you think, what inspires you, what surprised you, what was not new at all, and what you wish to see more of!

  1. TED Talks – The Stories of the People Around Us – everyone has a story worth sharing! A presentation that reminded me about the importance of telling the stories of the important people around me and the way they impacted my life. It is great reminder that everyone has so much knowledge, experience and exciting things to share that we should always be attentive to the golden nuggets of wisdom around us. It brought me extra large motivation to start off with my blog finally so that it brings about the stories I’ve been anticipating to tell for so long!
  2. SciShow – a channel full of fun, exciting and scientific explanations of everything happening around us in the world. Just makes me feel super hooked up on science! My most recent interest was in physics and quantum physics, inspired by my recent visit in CERN – here’s a little video specifically on that –
  3. The relevant resume– a daring, outstanding way to present yourself at the job market by stating your failures instead to achievements. A splash of authenticity combined with the bold  statement “I am not afraid to fail, I am being real about what I do, I am willing to learn from my mistakes” Sounds like you? Maybe try it out the next time you apply for a job 😉
  4. Positive Psychology Online Course – it seems like a little bit of old news nere because the course is already over but do look out for it in the future. An interesting take on focusing on positive emotions and how they drive and motivate us. Psychology is viewed as an opportunity to grow and build emotional intelligence rather than focusing on what is wrong and trying to fix it
  5. Entrepreneurial ecosystems  – That’s my hot topic of the month since I am writing my thesis about it… Kind of. “Fostering a thriving Startup ecosystem” – my work around co-working spaces was spiced up with a diversity of experiences around KPH, Bricks, and  The Rainmaking Loft and my excitement around it grows every day so I am curious to know how it can be developed further.



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